Social Media, Tax Cloud Application and the Preparer

If you have a pulse and are a tax preparer you fall into one of three categories when it comes to social media adoption: 1) you have been dragged into social media, 2) are a willing participant in social media or 3) a hold out.  Social media services like Twitter and Facebook have made acquiring/adopting an online presence easy.   Moreover, the old adage that your first impression may be your last applies to the social media environment as well.  Likewise, the traditional brick and mortar way of doing business may not be the way to go considering your word online is becoming  much more important than the walls of your practice holding that expensive painting that is used to impress your clients with your success.

All you need is an email and secure password in mind to create an online presence.  Some popular services used by many tax preparers include Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  If you have used any of these services you know that these are easy ways to get the word out on your services and educating your clients on tax law changes.  There is no reason for inundating your client’s inbox with law changes.  All this communication on social media, unquestionably, provides more reason or less reason for a tax client to acquire or continue to use your tax services.  Moreover, this reality has been made possible because more and more people are willing, able and comfortable with an online life.

The most recent data states that 75% of the population use the internet ( .  The growth in social media for personal use, gaming/movie industry going on line, and the purchase of goods occurring more often online can only lead to the logical conclusion that your clients can be found online and this, therefore,  is a growing, convenient and  trusted space that they like to do business.

Likewise, the reality of having an all-encompassing online tax service is becoming a necessary reality.  With the use of online storage devices (Dropbox), internet based communication systems like Skype and TeamViewer, and client portals, the logical conclusion it that professional services can operate online.  The virtual office reality is fast approaching thanks to the convergence of technological innovation and a willingness to search for new solutions to office inefficiencies.

A viable option  for adopting  a virtual office can be further solidified with the use of tools  that provide flexibility no matter what the working environment may be.   With our cloud based  tax application, working from anywhere is a reality.  We will be at the Las Vegas Forum on August 1st and 2nd providing demonstrations.  You can also go to to discover your brand new virtual office.

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Orange Door Inc…


Orange Door Inc is offering a prize for the photo who gets the most likes posted on our Facebook page. A prize of either $100 dollars worth of casino chips or a gift certificate of the same value will be awarded. The winning image may be used in promotions or the like. The winner will be announced on August 2nd, 2012, the last day of the IRS Tax Forum, via a post on our page as well as email.

Submissions will be accepted via a tag on Facebook or email. Images must include YOU posing in front of an orange door. If you are not present at the IRS Tax Forum on August 2nd, 2012 we will need a physical address so that the prize may be delivered accordingly, if entry is judged a winner.

Rules, Terms, and Conditions:

1. SPONSOR. The Photography Contest is sponsored and managed by Orange Door Inc.

2. RULES. The Photography Contest is governed by these rules, terms, and conditions (the Official Rules). By participating in the Photography Contest, you agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of the judges, which are final and binding. Orange Door Inc. reserves the right to change these rules or cancel the Photography Contest at any time, at its sole discretion.

3. PARTICIPATION. Contest participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Entries must be made in accordance with the instructions on this page. Each entry may not have been previously commercially published.

4. SUBMITTED IMAGES. By participating in the Photography Contest, you expressly agree not to submit any images that are unlawful, defamatory, or invasive of another person’s right of privacy or right of publicity. Orange Door Inc. shall not be liable in any way for such images. Any image that, in the sole discretion of Orange Door Inc., is considered inappropriate or unsuitable for publication will be deemed ineligible by Orange Door Inc. Orange Door Inc will not return any submitted images. By participating in the Photography Contest, you hereby grant Orange Door Inc a nonexclusive, non-revocable license to edit, publish, use, adapt, modify, and license to others any image you submit.

5. YOUR INFORMATION. The information submitted by you during the registration process includes your name and e-mail address (Personal Information) and will be used by Orange Door Inc only in accordance with Orange Door Inc privacy policy for the purpose of administrating your participation in the Photography Contest and for communication about other Orange Door Inc events and programs.

6. WINNER SELECTION PROCESS. Photography Contest winners will be determined by Orange Door Inc staff. The submitted images will be judged to the extent to which they meet the theme of the Photography Contest, that is the image that receives the most likes that has a person posing in front of an orange door. In addition, entries may be judged on quality of image and originality.

7. PRIZES. One winner will be awarded the prize described below. Taxes, if any, related to the prizes are the sole responsibility of the winners. Orange Door Inc may, at its discretion, revoke the prize if the advertised prize becomes unavailable for any reason. If a participant changes his/her e-mail address or telephone number after entering into the Photography, please let Orange Door, Inc know via email to .

8. NAMES OF WINNERS. Winners consent that their names may be published in Orange Door Inc future publications.

9. USE OF THE PHOTOS. By participating in the Photography Contest, the candidates agree to the publishing of their photos in Orange Door Inc future publications.

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What’s Behind the Orange Door?

The way we acquire/contract/purchase goods and services is changing as fast as advances in technology come to market.  Although this can have both perceived and actual negative and/or positive effects, one thing is for certain; we as consumers we are better equipped to inform ourselves of the quality of services that are out there.  The tax industry is no exception to this rule, and with 68 million tax returns being prepared it is easy to see why it shouldn’t.  For the tax professional having a competitive edge is of the utmost importance to garner more of the market that is increasingly becoming competitive with the common theme to win being the fastest preparer will win the race.

Technology, like in many industries, has the possibility of becoming the equalizer for the tax practitioner.  Enter stage left through Orange Door Inc, the tax software that is the personal touch your technology driven tax practice needs:

Orange Tax Suite Pro is a SaaS (web-based) software for tax professionals. This provides greater flexibility to practitioners to work from their office, home, clients’ location, or beach, well that is if your local beach has wi-fi. By being fully online you can focus more on your clients and less on uploading and updating software. No more needing to worry about syncing your work or backing it up. No more need to house a server. But does a web-based product alone create a more personal bond and relationship with your clients? No.

The personal approach comes in our strategically programmed Client Portal. The Client Portal is designed to securely manage all data inputs and document storage for each one of your clients. Your clients will be able to enter information that pertains to their tax return, leaving you with more time to maximize their savings and potential refund. It will leave your client’s feeling that they not only have left their valuable information in good hands but that they undoubtedly did.  Moreover, the less time you spend entering information the more time you will have to analyze and conclude on what tax planning you would recommend for your client’s future needs.  As added, but a necessary benefit, with email transfer of documents not being the most secure and recommended way, we designed the portal to meet IRS required encryption rates and placed no limit on file size.

Learn more about Orange Door Inc and our innovation award-winning tax software for professionals, Orange Tax Suite Pro, at

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